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About Rising Tide

Rising Tide supports projects that deliver results for cancer patients and projects that contribute to enhancing freedom and prosperity. Our mission is to promote freedom to improve quality of life everywhere. Our vision is to be the partner that empowers individuals to live on their own terms.

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Our Story

Our philanthropic mission is very close to the heart of our Chairman, who was not only personally impacted by his mother and grandmother’s demise to cancer but is also deeply rooted in an empowerment philosophy. Rising Tide was created with the belief that those who are most vulnerable to critical issues and who are willing and ready to take on responsibility are the most effective agents of change and should contribute as members of society with a spirit of freedom to solve their own problems.

Freedom in Practice

Our philanthropic strategy is to support projects that articulate and promote our freedom philosophy, eliminate the obstacles which impede creative individuals, and give a hand-up, rather than just a hand-out. We are interested in projects which go beyond theory, that apply these insights into the lives of real people and promote greater freedom and prosperity.

Clinical Cancer Research

Our primary consideration in granting support is given to truly innovative, unique, patient-centered clinical research that has the potential to positively impact the lives of cancer patients at the earliest opportunity. We provide funding for research that directly benefits patients.

Our Grants

Explore all grants funded since our inception on our interactive world map and find detailed descriptions of each grant project.


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