Rising Tide Foundation partners with Fundación Educación to support local talent in Latin America

February 9, 2016

Rising Tide Foundation is partnering with Fundación Educación (FE) to empower marginalized but highly-talented individuals from low-income families to achieve sustained social and economic independence and create progressive change in their local communities to positively impact society.

Fundación Educación was created as a Swiss foundation in 1993 by the Swiss entrepreneur Dr. h.c. Ernst Keller and his wife Liselotte operating with a strong belief in a free market economy, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. With over twenty years of proven track record, FE is focused on providing a first-class education for young talents from low-income families at one of the leading local universities or colleges in Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Our funding support will provide scholarship support for 10 gifted, underprivileged students at any partner colleges and universities within the network of FE in Latin America. We are also focused on the education and promotion of liberalism, so that individuals can benefit from its core principles, founded on liberty and equality, to take charge of their lives and transform for the better. Ultimately, our joint aim is sustainably contribute to economic, social and political stability in Latin America and strengthen a committed civil society within the region. 

Click here to read more about the project.

For more information about Fundación Educación, visit www.fundacion-educacion.org.



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