Rising Tide Foundation and Emerging Leaders partner to change the mindset among unemployed youth in Kenya

February 24, 2021

At Rising Tide Foundation we believe that poverty cannot be managed by redistributing a perceived finite pie of wealth, nor by gaining control over limited resources. Instead, prosperity is when society respects the dignity of each person and his or her right to act as a moral agent. We seek to unleash this potential by supporting projects that open networks of productivity and exchange to the previously excluded.

To this end, Rising Tide Foundation at the end of 2020 entered a four-year partnership with London based Emerging Leaders. In line with the Rising Tide vision, Emerging Leaders seeks to empower people with the motivation, mindsets and skills needed flourish at work, at home, and in their communities.

Through this four-year partnership, Emerging Leaders will work with youth in slum areas around Kenya to offer tangible hope, mindset change, and transferable skills through their leadership training curriculum. This approach runs counter to the standard development model of offering skills training, grants, or goods. The Emerging Leaders approach is rooted in the fact that each human person is bursting with potential and through a mindset shift that latent potential can be released—allowing the individual to lead themselves and their family out of the cycle of poverty.

This project alone will see 18,000 vulnerable youth reached with 70% of those reached with the training starting a business and 30% doubling their monthly income. Further, Emerging Leaders will demonstrate how organizations can scale-up mindset shift through direct and Train the Trainer education models.

We are thrilled to partner with Emerging Leaders on this project and look forward to seeing the impact this has on the lives of individuals and families in slums throughout Kenya. Below you will find a recent message from the CEO of Emerging Leaders where you can learn more about the organization and the aim of this project. Please see the video below.

Read more about Emerging Leaders’ inspiring project here.



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