COVID-19 & Cancer: Latest research news for patients

April 14, 2021

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research is proudly supporting the Patient Forum: COVID-19 & Cancer – an online event organized by SAKK (Swiss Association for Clinical Cancer Research) that aims to inform cancer patients and their families about risks associated with the current pandemic.

Do you or someone close to you have cancer and belong to the high-risk group in times of COVID-19? Would you like to learn more about the findings from the research on COVID-19 & cancer? Then we cordially invite you to participate in our virtual patient forum.

The latest research news will be discussed on Thursday 6 May 2021 at a public event on COVID-19 & Cancer. Renowned experts will present various aspects of their research and will be available to answer questions. The event is being organised by the Patient Council of the Swiss Association for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK).


  • Welcome and moderation: Dr Sander Botter, SAKK Patient Advisory Board
  • “COVID-19 in Cancer”: Prof. Markus Joerger, Department of Medical Oncology & Haematology – Cantonal Hospital of St.Gallen
  • “How are patients with cancer experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic?”: Dr Karin Ribi, International Breast Cancer Study Group
  • “COVID-19 – Vaccination sprint or vaccination marathon?”: Dr Cornelia Staehelin, University Department of Infectious Diseases – Inselspital
  • Discussion

For more information, please download the event’s flyer here.



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