RTFCCR and Patvocates collaborate to enhance patient engagement in cancer research projects

July 7, 2022

Over the past two years, the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research, a philanthropic funder of clinical cancer research, partnered with Patvocates to identify gaps in patient engagement in cancer research projects. The goal was to understand how funding institutions can encourage patient engagement in collaborative research projects they fund, and which models of engagement of patients, patient advocates, and patient organizations in collaborative research projects work.

The collaboration of Patvocates and Rising Tide led to the development of guidance documents for public and private research funding institutions as well as applicant consortia, recommending approaches for implementing patient involvement from the earliest stages of health-related collaborative research projects, including a description of partnership and advisory models that have shown to be effective.

Our two practical guides for grant applicants and for funding institutions are now openly available for download:

Recommendations on Patient Involvement for Funding Institutions

Patient Involvement for Applicants

Find out more about how Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research supports and encourages Patient Engagement here



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