Join us at the Free Market Road Show Zurich II – LIVE

July 27, 2021

The future of Europe and the creeping loss of our freedoms are the current topics we would like to discuss with you and prominent speakers. After the panel discussions, an aperitif riche will take place in the Fraumünster cloister, and we would be very pleased if you could make a note of the date and also join us on site.



  • Barbara Kolm, Vice-President of the Austrian Centralbank, Austrian Economics Center, Hayek Institut
  • Shawn Stephenson, Rising Tide Foundation

Panel: Europa 2.0 – Die Idee einer Paneuropäischen Union – auf Deutsch

  • Peter Fischer, NZZ
  • SKH Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, tbc
  • Lukas Mandl, Member of European Parliament ÖVP, Negotiator for European Parliament Relations EU – CH
  • Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Geopolitical Information Services

Moderator: Marco Weber, Marco Weber Management, Vice-President FDP International

Panel: The Steady Erosion of Liberty – in English

  • Bobbi Herzberg, Mercaturs Center, George Mason University
  • Alberto Mingardi, Istituto Bruno Leoni
  • Gioia Porlezza, Jungfreisinnige Zürich, Nebelspalter

Moderator: Barbara Kolm, Vice-President of the Austrian Centralbank, Austrian Economics Center, Hayek Institut

We ask for registration: (with the subject FMRS Zurich)

About FMRS

“At all costs” was the approach of responding to the pandemic of most governments. We all know and feel the results. But other than complaining and identifying scapegoats, the Free Market Road Show discusses Ways Out of the Gridlock. We turn our attention to the sensitivity of individual and entrepreneurial freedom and civil rights and how these are the foundations of recovery.

Still in an online mode, the FMRS “tours” all over Europe, pays visits to Iceland, Israel, the Americas, and the Caucasus, and features prominent keynote speakers from all over the world. About 100 leading think-tanks and universities are involved, leading business people, outstanding scholars, policy experts, and journalists discuss openly the many aspects of the crisis.

Recent developments in Europe have seen a rise in populism, government largesse, nationalism, and state intervention. Policies proven to be ineffective and immoral are making a comeback in a general sense of malaise that the problems of our time can be addressed only by state action.

It is a pessimistic and defeatist worldview that seeks society’s salvation by assaulting private property, individual freedom, and free markets. In other words, an assault on the capitalist order.



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