Rising Tide Team goes Schaffhauser Stadtlauf

September 9, 2021

On Sunday, September 5 members of our Rising Tide team did participate in the 3. Schaffhauser Stadtlauf.

With our run we support the Brave like Gabe initiative.

Gabriele Grunewald was a professional runner and rare cancer advocate. She founded the Brave Like Gabe Foundation to encourage others to share their experience and help find better treatment options for rare cancer patients. Gabe passed away in June 2019. Throughout her cancer journey, she faced many of the challenges experienced by rare cancer patients. The core of the mission of the Brave Like Foundation is to support rare cancer research and empower all cancer survivors through physical activity. On September 05, we took part in the Schaffhausen Stadtlauf. We wanted to do the race for a reason. At RTFCCR we seek to provide funding for clinical trials that empower patients to better understand their treatment options. As an organization, we like to take part in team exercise activities and Brave Like Gabes mission falls into our field of action. In honor of Gabe, we completed the race for the Brave like Gabe foundation to showcase the need for rare cancer research and highlight the benefit of running for enhancing team spirit.



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