Join us in Celebrating World Cancer Day!

February 4, 2022

Due to the great support received we are very proud to confirm that our first virtual art exhibition Patient Arts for Health turns into a continuous virtual art exhibition!

We continue to collect and curate patient art offering new insights on what quality of life means. Our goal is to stimulate patients, family members and caregivers to engage in the creative process to communicate truths about each person’s particular interpretation and hopes about quality of life. The delicate nuances, wishes and emotions involved are best communicated through the language of the arts.

The submission process was initiated a year ago, celebrating World Cancer Day. In November 2021, we presented to you the art collected from the patient and caregiver community. We thank all contributors and artists for sharing these wonderful pieces of art.

We now confirm to continuously expand our Patient Arts for Health Global Exhibition. Cancer patients, family members, and caregivers are invited to submit their artwork. To participate, visit our Exhibition Application page, complete the participation form, and submit your personal piece of art expressing what quality of life means to you. Any modality is welcome: painting, poetry, music, video, photography, and mixed media.

The initiative’s aim is simple: Invite patients, family members and caregivers to make art and share this work with others who can both learn and heal from this work.

We invite you to participate or help share this opportunity with those who can benefit. Find out more here 

Lets celebrate World Cancer Day together! Lets communicate through art!



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