Rising Tide supports Ukraine with USD 1 Million

March 17, 2022

Rising Tide has approved a donation of USD 1m to Ukraine Emergency Aid to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine and to support their efforts to protect their personal freedom and democratic values. The donations go to the CHUV Lausanne, action medeor in Germany and the Ukraine Freedom Fund in the US.

Freedom is and has always been something we never fully achieve but always ought to strive for. At times, the search for human freedom requires us to engage in the struggle to create or maintain an environment where individuals have the right to self-determination, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We at the Rising Tide Foundation believe that Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine is an affront to freedom on all levels. In fact, we condemn it in the strongest way possible. Our team feels compelled to declare our renewed resolve and commitment to our mission of helping inspire and promote freedom and respect for each person’s human dignity. We stand with all freedom loving people around the world and will do our best to support them in this struggle, morally and financially.



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