Revolution of One Ambassador, Charrise Lane, speaks to the NY Post on conservatism among black Millennials and Gen Zers

July 20, 2022

Rising Tide supports the work of Foundation of Economic Education (FEE) to engage, educate, and inspire young people – particularly minority, underserved audiences – with the philosophy of freedom. The FEE initiative uses online media, in-person workshops, online learning, accessible resources, and community partnerships to educate and inspire young African Americans and Hispanics – in the US, Latin America, and Spain – to choose freedom as their chosen method for social change and economic progress.

Revolution of One is an FEE program focused on engaging African American communities across the US by connecting the ideas and principles of a free society with the interests, goals, and unique challenges facing the target audience and their communities—taking these ideas from the abstract to practical application. Revolution of One ambassador, Charrise Lane recently did a huge mainstream media tour. A front-page article of the New York Post features her discussion on the new wave of conservatism among black Millennials and Gen Zers. In the article it is noted that Charrise Lane “wants leaders who are conscious of issues that plague the black community”. Minorities in the U.S. are disproportionately affected by overbearing government policies—occupational licensing, housing regulations, barriers to new businesses, incentivized cyclical poverty, and restrictive school districting, to name just a few. However, solving these problems brought about by over-expansive government and reducing government power begins at the idea level. Individuals must first recognize that government is the root of many of the problems they face and, additionally, understand the connection between free markets, limited government, and greater opportunity. The core principles of liberty are key to driving societal and governmental change—but they must be first understood and adopted at the personal level. It is not enough to just criticize government programs, burdensome regulations, or unjust laws responsible for many of the issues they face. We must demonstrate a clear, relatable alternative that offers practical solutions. But this starts at the personal level.



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