Rondine visits Rising Tide

September 1, 2022

A presentation of the Rondine project to the Rising Tide Foundation and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research Board of Directors.

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the Managing Director of Rondine Cittadella della Pace, Stefano Isacchi, and a second-year Bosnian student of their World House program, Dunja Jezeraskic to Zurich, Switzerland where they presented on both Rondine and the project being funded by Rising Tide. Rondine, based in Italy, is an organization committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its unique method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every context. Their World House program has welcomed young people from war-torn countries or post-conflict environments around the world to live together since 1998. According to student Dunja, over the course of the program, students are able to overcome their differences and discover the humanity in those they once considered their enemy. The Rondine experience encompasses three dimensions: the education, the academic path, and their shared daily lives. Stefano explained that students receive training in conflict transformation and social innovation, as well as personal freedom, free-market economy, and prosperity. After two years at Rondine, students of the World House have acquired the tools and skills to promote and develop actionable projects in their countries. We were honored to welcome Stefano and Dunja to Switzerland to hear first-hand the impact of this project and look forward to seeing the ways in which Rondine continues to promote freedom through conflict resolution across the globe. Read more about the Rondine grant Enhancing Social Innovation in Conflict-affected Societies.



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