Welcome to Annie Ellis our new Patient Advisory Board Member

September 2, 2022

This week we welcome a new Patient Advisory Board Member – Annie Ellis. As a cancer survivor, she brings invaluable experience and knowledge, and we are excited to work with her to improve patient involvement in cancer research.

Annie Ellis contributes patient and caregiver perspectives during grant selection and strategic decisions for clinical cancer research activities and champions meaningful patient engagement and inclusion of patient partners in research projects. Annie is a survivor of breast cancer and recurrent ovarian cancer as well as a caregiver. She provides peer support through SHARE Cancer Support and the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance’s (OCRA) Woman to Woman program.

Annie serves as research advocate in several capacities with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), including Chair of the Council of Research Advocates (NCRA), past Co-Chair of the Patient Advocate Steering Committee and a member of the Gynecologic Cancer Steering Committee. Annie also serves with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ASCO, the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, the International Gynecologic Cancer Society and OCRA to provide the patient perspective during meetings, grant review and/or development of guidelines.



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