Rising Tide Open House Networking Event

May 11, 2023

On the evening of May 11, Rising Tide hosted an Open House for Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR). The event kicked off with some welcoming words from our Chairman, Shawn Stephenson at the Meeting Point in Schaffhausen.

Guests were introduced to the work of RTF and the development of their Freedom in Practice portfolio. Deeply rooted in the philosophy of empowerment, RTF’s mission has been to foster resilience in individuals to achieve greater freedom and prosperity. While RTF has funded projects all around the world, they have also supported a number of local initiatives in Switzerland that were introduced by the team.

Guests then heard about RTFCCR’s emphasis on patient involvement. When patients are involved, everyone benefits because it ensures clinical and medical research work is performed more effectively and advances the delivery of what patients really need. The team also informed guests on the foundation’s newest focus on advancing cancer research in underserved areas.

After some closing words from our CEO, Wendelin Zellmayer, guests were treated to an apéro along with a visit of the newly renovated Rising Tide offices. On the Open House event, Wendelin Zellmayer noted, “after a successful week of board meetings it is my honor and pleasure to celebrate our most recent achievements of both the Rising Tide Foundation and the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research with our collaboration partners, our friends and our Rising Tide family.”

It was a great pleasure to welcome everyone to Rising Tide!




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