Schweizer Monat Dossier

May 17, 2023

The latest edition of the Schweizer Monat showcases a dossier on the topic of “Paths to Prosperity”, produced in cooperation with Rising Tide Foundation. The dossier analyzes the foundations of prosperity, showing what is necessary for even more people to live in prosperity.

While the average standard of living did not change for much of history, the situation began to rapidly change around 200 years ago—when suddenly individuals started to benefit from greater income, more free time, improved education, and longer, healthier lives. Free markets were a decisive factor in achieving this higher standard of living.

Some incredible minds in this dossier, from Deidre McCloskey and Ismael Hernandez to Martin Burt and Andreas Widmer, explore a diverse range of topics including rule of law, limited government, free markets, wealth generation, entrepreneurship, and much more. The dossier  further develops how these institutions have resulted in an immense increase in the global standard of living for everyone, especially those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder.

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