Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research In Partnership with Melanoma Research Alliance, announces the assignment of the Team Science Award


Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) and Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) are delighted to announce that Dr. Todd Fehniger from Washington University in St. Louis was selected for the RTFCCR-MRA Team Science Award!

The award was launched last July (New Funding Opportunity: Patient-Centric Clinical Trial Team Science Awards) with the ambitious goal of supporting innovative clinical trials aimed at providing significant impact to melanoma patients.

Nearly half of metastatic melanoma patients will progress or relapse and will be faced with limited treatment options. Dr. Fehniger’s clinical project entitled “Advancing Memory Like Natural Killer Cells for Metastatic Melanoma” addresses an unmet medical need for patients with metastatic melanoma who do not respond to other available immunotherapies.

“This award represents an opportunity for metastatic melanoma patients with very few therapeutic options. We are thrilled to work with MRA to support such an exciting and innovative clinical trial” , said Wendelin Zellmayer, CEO of RTFCCR.

The Melanoma Research Alliance is pleased to continue our longstanding partnership with Rising Tide by jointly supporting this clinical team award advancing novel approaches to immunotherapy for patients with advanced melanoma,” stated Marc Hurlbert, PhD, CEO of MRA. “Dr. Fehninger and team worked closely with patients, advocates, researchers, and clinicians to develop this innovative patient-centered clinical trial.

Melanoma Research Alliance

The mission of Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) is to end suffering and death due to melanoma by collaborating with all stakeholders to accelerate powerful research, advance cures for all patients, and prevent more melanomas. MRA is the largest non-profit funder of melanoma research in the world, and has dedicated over $150 million to date to support the fight against melanoma. Every donation to MRA goes directly towards funding melanoma research.

Rising Tide Foundation

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research is a charitable, non-profit organization established in 2010 and located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. RTFCCR’s primary consideration in granting support is given to innovative, patient-centered clinical research. The long-term ambition of the foundation is to bring the maximum benefit in the shortest time possible to cancer patients. The foundation works towards this objective by fostering partnerships and striving to attract and support the best in Phase I to Phase III clinical trials. The foundation s supports the creation of less toxic therapeutic approaches, better disease burden management, earlier cancer detection, and innovative intervention strategies that will lead to increased quality of life and survival for patients.

Please visit www.risingtide-foundation.org to learn more.

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