World Cancer Day 2023 – raising awareness about cancer symptoms in children

September 28, 2023

There isn’t one single tell-tale sign that a child has cancer. Cancer can cause symptoms in children that are very similar to the symptoms of many other common illnesses and injuries. 

Raising awareness about cancers’ early symptoms is a powerful and simple way to increase early detection.  This is especially important in remote or rural areas, where a primary care center might not be just around the corner. 

The Rising Tide Foundation supported Beaba’s initiative that helps train primary healthcare professionals and family members to identify the early symptoms of childhood cancer. 

The project consists of an informative website, mini-course, quiz, and materials for sharing, produced by an incredible team of patients, family members and health professionals. 

We congratulate Beaba and their volunteers for the launch of this extremely important initiative: Sinais e Sintomas | Beaba. 



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