September site visit and co-creation workshop

October 06, 2023

September has been an incredible month, for your RTFCCR team!

They travelled to the City of Hope in Pasadena and were warmly welcomed by Dr. Steve Rosen, executive vice president and director emeritus of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, and Foundation Board Member of RTFCCR. Alex and Zoraide met with future and current grantees, exchanged ideas, and received updates about the center’s fantastic work.

One of the many highlights from the trip was meeting Dr. William Dale and his team. Within our flagship Go-To program, they are setting up invaluable infrastructure that allows for the coordination and exchange of data between the five clinical trials of the program that could even be implemented in larger medical communities elsewhere.  This infrastructure will mean that within the clinical teams, the exchange of data and information on patients will be smoother and faster than ever before, which ultimately results in patients benefiting from more informed and tailored treatments. Thank you to Dr. Dale and his team for all their terrific work!

co-creation workshop

While in the City of Hope, the CCR team organized a co-creation workshop where representatives from different funding and research organizations met to discuss philanthropy’s role in the field of early detection of cancer. Representatives from Melanoma Research Alliance, Lungevity, PanCan, Lustgarten Foundation, Basic Health International, Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, American Cancer Society and Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance shared experiences and ideas, identified topics and needs within the field, and created the foundation for future collaborations.

After the co-creation workshop, Alex and Zoraide travelled to Yale University, to meet current RTFCCR grantee Dr. Lo Russo and her team. They also met various researchers from the institute who focus on early detection, symptom management, and palliative care. It was a trip full of meaningful interactions that allowed our team to lay the groundwork for impactful future collaborations with important research institutions across the US.



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