Empowering individuals

Our programs deliver results for cancer patients and contribute to enhancing freedom and prosperity.

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Our history since 2007

Rising Tide was established in 2007 to develop, license, and manage a healthcare-focused intellectual property portfolio. At the time, Rising Tide also offered an investment advisory service, and the organization grew in size and expanded in scope. Rising Tide has always made the most out of its talented employees and a global network of strategic partners.

Intellectual Property
For 10 years, Rising Tide proudly served its largest client, Cancer Treatment Centers of America. CTCA had developed a unique and powerful portfolio of intellectual property assets, centered on the Mother Standard Model of Care©. The organization worked to protect those assets while helping CTCA refine their business processes and standards of care. Rising Tide also developed a clinical incentive program to enhance CTCA's reputation and increase the value of its brand. The healthcare IP was sold in 2017.

Investment Advice
Rising Tide spent 10 years advising select clients across Europe and North America on their financial portfolio. The organization was comprised of experienced people with deep relationships across North America, Europe, and Asia. The team had access to industry leaders and unique investment opportunities, and the strength of their strategy was proven as assets under management grew into a multi-billion-dollar portfolio. At the end of 2017, the investment advisory business was outsourced to Alpha Leonis Partners AG so Rising Tide could focus even more on its philanthropic mission.

Philanthropic Engagement
In 2010, the Rising Tide Foundation and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research were established to promote freedom and improve quality of life everywhere. Our strategic vision and sense of urgency, in combination with our dedication to transparency and good governance, drive us to make a global impact every day.

Over the past decade, Rising Tide Foundation and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research have supported over 100 projects around the globe, impacting thousand of individuals and patients. Both foundations built up a network of strategic partners in order to increase the magnitude of their funding and cooperate with philanthropic leaders in the world. With results proving the impact achieved, follow-up projects have been developed to multiply the transformational change and further empower individuals to live on their own terms.


Rising Tide, a premier investment research, intellectual property and innovation management company, was founded in late 2006

Located in the heart of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, it licensed and managed a portfolio of healthcare-focused intellectual property to major healthcare clients in the United States. Additionally, it provided investment research and reporting services to a group of private clients.


Rising Tide Foundation (RTF), an entrepreneurial, privately-endowed foundation with a dual function of philanthropy and business, was established in 2010. Deeply rooted in the philosophy of empowerment, RTF’s mission has been to foster resilience in individuals so that they can achieve better health, liberty and social/economic independence.

Its international, impact-driven philanthropic grant program has been focusing on three main areas: cancer research, libertarianism (entrepreneurial), and social/educational causes.

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) is a charitable, non-profit organization established in 2010. With patients’ needs at the center of its funding focus, RTFCCR has been supporting translational cancer research and pioneering clinical trials that can improve patients’ survival and quality of life (within 3 years or less).


Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) held its first Board meeting and allocated funds to its first entrepreneurial effort. Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) funded its first grant in integrative oncology intervention. RTF made its first cancer-focused grant to help the local cancer league of Schaffhausen improve screening for breast cancer.


The Rising Tide IP Team hired their first resources to  focus on the development of clinical innovations to bring improvements of clinical practice to the patient’s bedside.


In 2013, RTA was created to support our philanthropic and also our investment activities.

RTF expanded its global reach and established an office in Singapore to provide clients with strategic investment advice. While supporting the development of their business activities in the Asia Pacific region, they have focused particularly on education and healthcare.


In 2015, Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) approved funding for a total of seven projects across the libertarian, social, and education program. Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) approved funding for a total of 13 projects, giving terminally ill cancer patients the chance to test novel, investigational, therapeutic options with lifesaving potential. Year after year, the rising number of grants has reflected the increased activities of both foundations. 

Also in 2015, RTF made the strategic decision to diversify its portfolio and establish businesses in the field of medical technology and life-sciences. The first employees were hired in 2015. The foundation also made a significant investment in oncology-focused biotechnology, creating Novintum Biotechnology with the goal to provide strategic, financial, and business development guidance, along with its operating subsidiary Novintum Bioscience UK, the corporate laboratory facilities.


In late 2017, after 10 years, RTF decided to focus entirely on its philanthropic activities. Having built a strong financial base and a network of like-minded organizations, Rising Tide will continue to support the accomplishment of this mission.

In 2017, the investment activities were spun-off and the team formed a new investment advisory firm in Zurich, providing astute stewardship and customized investment advisory solutions to its clients. The Intellectual Property portfolio was sold to a strategic buyer who will continue to maintain, develop and enhance what RTF has built and established.


Both foundations have entered a new stage of funding. They have defined focus areas in which they will inspire other philanthropists and organizations to partner and support global projects. By providing funding for early stage projects and proving their impact, further funding will become available for these areas, and transformational change will be generated.

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