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Promote freedom to improve quality of life everywhere

Our Team

Our philanthropic work is organized in two entities – Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR). Both are charitable, non-profit organizations established in 2010. Rising Tide GmbH is the service company for both foundations; it is responsible for their financial prosperity and operative well-being, and for sustainable income generation.

Rising Tide Foundation Board Members

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research Board Members

Our Values


We feel an unwavering commitment to nurture and grow personal freedom for others.


We see you and we respect your individual right to act, exchange, and choose what is best for you.


We discover and enhance innovative solutions to disrupt (or to challenge) the status quo and to accelerate (positive) impact.

Passionate Action

Every day is a big day – we are committed to inspiring and empowering positive change for individuals and societies around the globe.


We believe that collaboration based on integrity and trust maximizes impact. This can be seen in the catalyst of great start-up initiatives we fund.


We encourage freedom. Freedom is the right to self-determination, individual choice, and peaceful voluntary cooperation in society.

Annual Brochure

At Rising Tide, our vision is to be the partner that empowers individuals to live on their own terms. Our vision is our North Star, the unwavering definition of our purpose, providing guidance and direction for all our actions. Find out how we are living up to our vision at Rising Tide Foundation and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research.

Our History

Over the past decade, Rising Tide has supported projects around the globe, impacting thousands of individuals and patients. Both Freedom in Practice and Clinical Cancer Research have built networks of strategic partners around the world to magnify funding, individual empowerment, and transformational change.

Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) celebrated their 10th Anniversary (Y10) of promoting individual freedom and improving quality of life. Celebrations were delayed by two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Both foundations entered a new stage of funding with newly defined focus areas in which they will inspire other philanthropists and organizations to partner and support global projects.


Photo: University of Newcastle

After 10 years, Rising Tide Asia (RTA) decided to focus entirely on its philanthropic activities. The investment activities were spun-off and the team formed a new investment advisory firm in Zurich, providing astute stewardship and customized investment advisory solutions to its clients. The intellectual property portfolio was sold to a strategic buyer to continue to maintain, develop, and enhance what Rising Tide has built and established.


Rising Tide made the strategic decision to diversify its portfolio and establish businesses in the field of medical technology and life sciences. The foundation also made a significant investment in oncology-focused biotechnology, creating Novintum Biotechnology with the goal to provide strategic, financial, and business development guidance, along with its operating subsidiary Novintum Bioscience UK, the corporate laboratory facilities.


Photo: Digital Divide Data

Rising Tide Asia (RTA) was created to support philanthropic and investment activities. Rising Tide expanded its global reach and established an office in Singapore to provide clients with strategic investment advice.


The Rising Tide intellectual property team hired their first resources to focus on the development of clinical innovations to bring improvements of clinical practice to the patient’s bedside.


Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) held its first Board meeting and allocated funds to its first entrepreneurial effort. Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) funded its first grant in integrative oncology intervention. RTF made its first cancer-focused grant to help the local cancer league of Schaffhausen improve screening for breast cancer.


Rising Tide Foundation (RTF), an entrepreneurial, privately-endowed foundation with a dual function of philanthropy and business, was established. Its international, impact-driven philanthropic grant program focused on three main areas: cancer research, libertarian, and social/educational causes. Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR), a charitable, non-profit organization was also established. With patients’ needs at the center of its funding focus, RTFCCR supports translational cancer research and pioneering clinical trials that can improve patients’ survival and quality of life (within 3 years or less).


Photo: Lithuanian Free Market Institute

Rising Tide – a premier investment research, intellectual property and innovation management company – was founded. Located in the heart of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, it licensed and managed a portfolio of healthcare-focused intellectual property for major healthcare clients in the United States. Additionally, it provided investment research and reporting services to a group of private clients.


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Wendelin Zellmayer

CEO of Rising Tide Group

As CEO, Wendelin leads the management of both our foundations and our subsidiaries. He ensures that the Rising Tide Group maintains the highest standards of business ethics and good governance. Together with the Board of Directors, he is responsible for the management of business risks and the development of effective grant management strategies aligned with our vision. Additionally, he cultivates an ongoing dialogue with external communities.

Alexandre Costa Alencar

Head of Cancer Research Programs

As Head of Cancer Research Programs, Alexandre advises the Board of Directors in steering the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research funding areas. Together with his team, he manages the portfolio of active grants, and the design and implementation of new programs and partnerships. Alexandre is passionate about patient engagement and impact measurement initiatives.

Isabelle Hirs-Schaller

Head of Freedom in Practice Programs

As Head of Freedom in Practice Programs, Isabelle works closely with the Rising Tide Foundation board and advisory board to shape the strategic direction of the Freedom in Practice funding area. She oversees the active grant portfolio and works closely with  existing and potential grantees and stakeholders to maximize the impact of the foundation’s grant making. Isabelle graduated with a master’s in international affairs & governance. She likes to spend her free time with her two kids, husband, and dog in the mountains – skiing, hiking, and enjoying nature. 

Paola Atzei

Senior Scientific Program Manager

As Senior Scientific Program Manager, Paola is responsible for developing the focus area of therapy optimization. She focuses on the areas of de-escalation and repurposing of drugs in pediatric and geriatric oncology to support better patient outcomes with minimal toxicity. Paola holds a Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD in neuroimmunology and a master’s degree in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Additionally, she completed a diploma in project management. In her free time, Paola likes to travel and spend time outdoors with her two kids and husband.

Patrick Oetting

Program Manager in Freedom in Practice

As Program Manager in Freedom in Practice, Patrick oversees a portfolio of grants that aim to bridge theory and practice, empowering individuals to live life on their own terms. Patrick previously worked in a variety of roles at the Acton Institute where he advanced enterprise solutions to poverty. Patrick has written for a variety of outlets and has spoken on topics related to economic development and local/global aid. Patrick loves spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, and reading history, philosophy, theology, and economics.

Zoraide Granchi

Senior Scientific Program Manager

As Senior Scientific Program Manager, Zoraide drives the implementation of the science of early detection and intervention focus area. Zoraide holds a master’s in biotechnologies and a PhD in Stem Cell Biology. She works closely with her colleagues and the Head of Cancer Research Programs in organizing the selection process for new applications, managing the active grants portfolio and supporting the many patient involvement initiatives of RTFCCR. Zoraide loves dancing, baking and having fun with her 3 kids and partner.

Karolina Werynska

Scientific Program Manager

As Scientific Program Manager, Karolina drives the active grant portfolio of clinical cancer research, supports development of new focus areas, and helps with many patient involvement initiatives of RTFCCR.  Karolina holds a PhD in drug discovery and a master’s degree in biomedicine. After completing her PhD, she worked in Global Medical Affairs in a pharmaceutical company in Basel. In her free time, Karolina likes to read indiscriminately all genres, Alpine hiking, and enjoy good food.

Sabine Hutter

Executive Assistant & Communication Manager

As Executive Assistant and Communication Manager, Sabine is managing the Chairman and CEO office and leads the communication activities of the Rising Tide Group. She steers administration and office management and serves as secretary on the boards of both Rising Tide Foundation and Rising Tide for Clinical Cancer Research Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys hikes with her husband and dog and is a passionate dancer.  

Richard Magnan

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Rick handles all legal, corporate governance, compliance, information technology, and cyber security aspects for the Rising Tide Group and the foundation boards of directors. He enjoys sports, especially ice hockey, outdoor activities, and travelling with his wife.

Alexander Hammond

Program Manager in Freedom in Practice

As a Program Manager in Freedom in Practice, Alexander oversees a portfolio of grants promoting moral agency, the rule of law, free markets, and limited government worldwide. Previously, Alexander was the founder and director of the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity. He is also the author of Heroes of Progress: 65 People Who Changed the World. 

Alexander has a BA in history and politics, and a master’s degree by research in political economy. In his spare time, he enjoys writing  and spending time with his wife Maria and giant schnauzer Brunya.

Michael Mueller

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, Michael supports the strategic and overall management and provides leadership in all business aspects of the Rising Tide Group, with a special focus on business development programs, management of subsidiaries, and ensuring execution, adherence and compliance of the philanthropic mission and strategy. In addition, he acts as a point of contact for external representatives in developing strategic networks and advancing the business activities of the group.

Michael loves spending time with his family and being active in nature.

Diana Troxler


As an assistant, Diana supports our Team, handles daily administrative tasks, and serves as a point of contact for external providers. She enjoys spending time in nature and going camping with her family.