Year of Grant: 2017

Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Association Multi is a nonprofit organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina founded in 2011 by Admir Cavalic. Their mission is to promote democracy and free market economies in the Western Balkan Region. 

OPEN Fest first took place in Sarajevo in October 2016. The agenda was made up of not only seminars and discussions, but also interactive programs, training workshops, concerts, art exhibitions and cultural events. The project encouraged the active participation of young people to initiate processes of social change in order to promote economic freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The 2017 festival will include different types of cultural events to attract a variety of people. It is expected that 2,000 attendees will attend libertarian events and 3,000 other cultural-related events that will be offered under the umbrella of liberty. The festival will feature 30 libertarian speakers through 30 events; it will offer leadership training for 50 young leaders; it will host 10 libertarian organizations from different countries; and it will have around 100 media announcements. 

This campaign represents an opportunity to forge synergies between individuals and organizations to exponentially impact an audience much greater than its projected 5’000 participants.

ASSOCIATION MULTI: "OPEN FEST" Promoting Libertarian Ideas through Education and Entertainment