Pre-application Grants

The Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR), has launched a new grant mechanism called “pre-application grants”. These small grants are to close the funding gap for patient partners to provide input to the development of a grant application/protocol. We want patient partners to have the most active role in the clinical trial team – as defined in our funding guidelines.

We are aiming at supporting patient organizations during this early phase with a budget. The budget should be planned to cover travel costs to preparatory meetings and the work time invested by staff or patient partners. This work should be carried out as a preparation step to submit a clinical research grant application to RTFCCR.

The pre-application grant has two components:

1. Up to 1,000 USD for funding travel/transport expenses for a patient partner to participate in meetings with the clinical team.

2. Up to 3,000 USD to cover the work carried out by the patient association staff or patient partners The research project in question should be at pre-protocol development stage to ensure optimal integration of patients as partners and the development of a meaningful role, research objectives and outcome measurements.

If you have any questions regarding the eligibility of your idea or how to budget, please contact us at

We have curated great examples of work performed under this funding mechanism and made them available for consultation in the “Pre-application materials” section below.

Pre-application materials

The CREATE Case Study

MedStar Health Case study

Grants Management System: SmartSimple

Our grant management system allows qualified non-profit organizations to submit LOIs and full proposals for our Clinical Cancer Research grant program. If a grant is awarded, the portal is used to manage the grant process and grant payments from start to finish. If you or your organization is new to the Rising Tide Foundation, please register before applying

Focus Areas

Science of Early Detection and Intervention

Advancing Cancer Research in Underserved Areas

Advancing Cancer Research in Sub-Saharan Africa

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