Therapy Optimization

We aim to support research that advances therapeutic approaches providing the best possible outcome with the least toxicity for each patient. We focus on supporting academic clinical trials that investigate therapies that would not reach patients without philanthropic support, such as treatment deescalation, repurposing of off patent drugs, and surgery.

Trial designs must include patient partners and demonstrate a truly patient-centered approach. Proposed trials must address potential benefits to patients enrolled in the study, and include outcomes of patient-reported quality of life measures.

Topics of special interest are:

Treatment de-escalation

De-escalating systemic treatments: reducing the dose of drugs to minimize side-effects while maintaining its effectiveness.

Intermittent dosing strategies: use of pulse dosage of a drug to improve efficacy or alternating two drugs to reduce toxicity and delay resistance.

De-escalating surgery/radiotherapy: new strategies to reduce extend, preserving more healthy tissue.

Geriatric/pediatric oncology

These two groups especially benefit, from more tailored approaches, as current treatment options lead to unwanted physical, emotional, neurocognitive and psychosocial long-term side effects.

Repurposing drugs

The reuse of available licensed non-cancer drugs/off patent drugs as new anticancer treatments.

Overcoming resistance

The additive or synergistic effects of known compounds, minimizing drug resistance, or fighting against expected resistance. This also including the use of Biomarker driven therapy.

Funding Opportunities

Open Call

We accept Letters of Intent (LOIs) all year round with cutoff deadlines for internal assessment three times per year. Once you have submitted your LOI, you will receive further information regarding timing and next steps.

Pre-application Grants

Pre-application grants provide gap funding to support patient experts’ helping to develop grant applications/ protocols.

Focus Area Grants

Maastricht University

Preoperative Optimization of Modifiable risk factors in surgery of the Pancreas

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Shortening Adjuvant Photon Irradiation for Breast Cancer: The Saphire Trial

City of Hope

Cancer and Aging Research Group Consortia (CARG) Geriatric Oncology Therapy Optimization (GOTO) Program

Therapy Optimization Materials

Implementing a Geriatric Assessment in Cooperative Group Clinical Cancer Trials - J. Clin. Oncol - 2011

Focus Areas

Science of Early Detection and Intervention

Advancing Cancer Research in Underserved Areas

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