Cancer research
– our focus areas

To focus our efforts and increase our impact, we have designed two umbrella focus areas under the themes Improved Patient Outcomes and Science of Prevention and Detection.

Focus Areas

To keep our efforts focused and increase our impact, we have developed two umbrella themes: Improved Patient Outcomes and Science of Prevention and Detection.

Improved patient Outcomes

Therapy optimization
We aim to support research that advances therapeutic approaches that provide the best possible outcome with the least toxicity for each individual patient.
Disease and treatment burden
This field of study includes clinical trials that address approaches to prevent and/or treat symptoms, distress, and functional burden caused by cancer and/or cancer treatment.
Implementation research
There is much work to be done in the area of implementation research for cancer care.
Patient engagement
Clinical trials can provide healing medicine even before yielding new truths. While research is primarily about improving future care, it helps today’s patients in significant ways by fostering compassion in medicine. 

Science of prevention and detection

Improve detection of genetic and modular changes for monitoring of people at increased risk of cancer
Selected primary prevention strategy trials
Genetic, molecular and imaging technologies to noninvasively identify or monitor the presence or precursors of cancer
Better characterize aggressive cancers through the use of biomarkers or other technologies to personalize detection/monitoring

Clinical Cancer Research Stories – Why it matters

Our objective is to accelerate progress to improve the lives of people living with cancer today and bring forward the day when a cure for cancer is finally realized. Find some inspiring stories right here.

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