Cancer research
– our focus areas

To focus our efforts and increase our impact, we have designed two umbrella focus areas under the themes Improved Patient Outcomes and Science of Prevention and Detection.

The Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) are excited to announce a unique opportunity for funding clinical trials for geriatric oncology patients. The goal of the program is to bring together experts in the field with the aim of making a significant impact on patient lives in less than 5 years.

Central research question: There is a critical unmet need to study pre-existing tools and appropriately use them to guide treatment in the geriatric population. The major theme of this program lies around a central research question which draws together five areas of interest under one umbrella.

Expected outcome: a joint publication to show how evidence-based assessments can be used to formulate treatments across different cancer types will have a bigger impact for the PIs and add more value to the field.  Individual projects can also lead to individual publications. 

Applications are invited from consortia of researchers, consisting of 5 PIs, one for each area of interest and one of whom is the program leader. The total budget for the clinical research aspect of the program is USD 2M (5 x USD 400,000), with an additional budget of USD 50,000 for program administration. Each PI is required to bring a minimum of USD 400,000 co-funding for their own topic. Further details can be found at

Call Opens: January 17, 2021

Information Webinar With Possibility For Networking And Collaboration Opportunities: February 17, 2021

Deadline for LOI applications: July 17, 2021

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the team at for further information about the program or to find collaborators. 

Research proposals must be submitted through proposalCENTRAL

GOTO Program Flyer

Geriatric Oncology Therapy Optimization (GOTO) Program FAQs

No, the maximum budget available from RTFCCR for the GOTO program is USD 2M for the clinical research component of the trial.  In the case where each of the five PIs request funding of USD 400,000 for their specific topic, matched funding of USD 400,000 is required from each PI. 

Does each PI have to request USD 400,000 for each topic?

No, this is the maximum amount that each PI can request for each topic. PIs can request any amount up to USD 400,000. However matching funding is a requirement.

Can matched funding be sourced from private donors?

Yes, matched funding can be sourced from private donors, institutions, government funding or other foundations.

Do all 5 PIs have to come from the same institution?

No, in fact, PIs are encouraged to come from different institutions to ensure the greatest talent is focused on creating the biggest impact.

Does the matched funding have to be secured before submission of application?

No, grants will be selected based upon scientific merit. If successful, the selected program leader will be given 12 months to find the matching funds for the entire program. Matched funding of at least 75% is required to start the trial.

Can I apply if I do not have the 4 other PIs required to make up the consortia?

No, however we welcome applications from individuals for our open regular funding cycle.  Further information can be found on our website or by reaching out by email to

Do I need to demonstrate patient engagement through the clinical trial in my application?

Yes, applicants are strongly encouraged to include patient input into clinical trial design and priority will be given to those applications that clearly demonstrate patient engagement from research question through to dissemination.

Can I apply with a research project that has already started?

This may be possible once it meets the terms of the grant. However, in such cases, we would advise you to reach out to us by email at before applying.

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