A word from our Chairman

10 years of Rising Tide – what an amazing milestone we have reached! The past year was thought to be a year of celebration and contemplation on the great successes we have achieved with our foundations over the last decade, promoting liberal thinking and solutions as well as groundbreaking clinical cancer research. We planned to cheer with all the fantastic people making our cause such an instrumental contribution to a society acting in freedom and caring for cancer patients. But then the pandemic has forced us all to act differently – and yet maintain our strong course of action.

We are proud to say that despite the restrictions related to COVID-19, 2021 was a truly remarkable year for us. We have used the time at our hands to sharpen our ambitious 5-year strategy which will be shaping the future of Rising Tide. We have already been vocal about the fact that we are determined to enrich our work in the Clinical Cancer Research area by a strong focus on patient engagement. As a consequence, we have engraved this principle in our practical project work now - which means that going forward, in every clinical cancer research project we will ensure to centrally embed patient engagement components. It’s our vision that patients will always be at the very center of clinical trials, as they are the ones who really know about the disease’s impact on a human’s life. To make this vision a reality, we have plans for installing a Patient Sounding Board at the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) to help us with their insights along all of the clinical cancer projects we are involved in.

Furthermore, we recognized that our Freedom in Practice approach - exemplified by the Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) - deserves an even broader visibility, given its outstanding effect on people living happier lives all over the world. For this reason, we decided to be concentrating our energies also on engaging demonstrators and disseminators who will help us in creating broader visibility for the great work of the Rising Tide Foundation and connecting the RTF to likeminded partners, so we can even multiply our impact.   

So, while we had to hold back our Y10-celebrations in 2021, we have decided to simply extend our celebration period a little into 2022, culminating in a big gala event on May 9 in a special location near our Schaffhausen/Switzerland HQ. This is to say a big THANK YOU to the people who make Rising Tide possible: our great team and board of directors, the advisory board, networking and collaboration partners, grantees and friends – it is to all of you I will finally raise a toast, as it is only because of you the Rising Tide Foundations can help making some much needed change in the world.

And while we are celebrating our past and are proudly representing Rising Tide at present, we are even more excited about our future – to accelerate the meaningful contributions we jointly make towards creating a liberated world.

Download our Brochure to find out more about the Foundations, the work we do, and our future outlook.

Hear it from the team

The Rising Tide team is proudly celebrating the foundations’ tenth anniversary. What makes it so special to being part of the Rising Tide journey? Let’s hear it from them directly!

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