Year of Grant: 2017

Location of Organization: Lithuania

Fieldwork: Lithuania + Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria


Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI) was founded in 1990, a think tank with the aim of promoting the free market in an emerging post-independence Lithuania. They conduct sociological surveys, issue economic literature, and organize conferences, workshops, and lectures. Educational activities are an integral component of LFMI‘s work.


Developing conceptual reform packages and advising the Lithuanian government, LFMI has been actively involved in improving conditions for private businesses, the health care system, the pension scheme, tax regulations and the reduction of public spending.


The project Think Tanks for Labor Market Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe seeks to advance policy debates and drive labor regulation reforms in Europe. To achieve this, LFMI will work with 5 libertarian think-tanks in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria over the course of three years. The framework for this project will be based on working free market models provided by organizations in Denmark and Switzerland.

They will conduct a series of advocacy activities aligned with the release of the annual editions of the World Bank’s Doing Business Index.

In addition, they will produce case studies, a validated index regulation report, three cross-country research reports, three editions of a newly created EU labor regulation index, and one international policy conference.

270 key policy makers will be reached and a minimum of 6 policy initiatives will be instituted within six months after project completion.


The funding support from Rising Tide Foundation will facilitate this research, which will provide think tanks with effective, evidence-based, and reform-oriented tools to drive communication about freedom of labor markets and policy advocacy across Europe.

Lithuanian Free Market Institute: Think Tanks for Labor Market Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe