Time4 – for individual, self-determined, self-learning, free young people

Grant Details

Organization: Verein "Respektierung & Wahrung Natürlicher Lernprozesse"
Country: Switzerland
Project Name: Time4 – for individual, self-determined, self-learning, free young people


Funding Areas

Private Sector Solutions ✓
Systems Change ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓

Many young people in Switzerland feel that the traditional pathways offered through government education are not right for them. They increasingly choose educational pathways that are outside of the traditional system. However, support for young people that choose such a self-determined educational path has been very limited in the country. Time4 offers these young people an alternative development and education path compared to traditional vocational training, apprenticeships, or middle school. The participants of Time4 plan their educational path themselves but are supported by the Time4 team and their peers in the reaching of their self-set goals.

Time4 is now working to scale its offer in supporting them along their self-determined learning paths. Designed for young people who have a strong intrinsic motivation for learning and don't fit the paths designed by public education, the program offers support through in-person meetings, clear goal-setting and monitoring. They may go and learn a new language, set up their own company, or present their art to the public– often things that were previously considered “not possible”.

Contribution to enhancing freedom

Time4 offers an alternative to public education in Switzerland. It offers young people an environment in which they can follow their individual learning pathway towards earning their own living. This ürpgram challenges the traditional system of education and offers a unique alternative with the potential to become more mainstream in the long-term.

An increasing number of young people are struggling with the pre-defined educational pathways, ending up demotivated and without objectives, as a self-determined learning path is not currently an option in the system. Time4 adds this new perspective to the Swiss educational landscape and offers young people the level of support and assurance needed that will allow them to follow pathways in a flexible manner that were unthinkable in the traditional education system. Time4 offers young people a framework in which they can discover, refine, and deepen their interests and talents. Thanks to individual, self-defined work steps and learning objectives, the young people can follow their own needs and wishes. They are given the time they need to tackle their own small and large tasks, make their own decisions, and manage the resulting consequences themselves. In it they grow up to be free and empowered adults.

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