Educational Video Series

Grant Details

Organization: Institute for Swiss Economic Policy
Country: Switzerland
Project Name: Educational Video Series

Funding Areas

Teaching Freedom ✓

Objective education materials allow students to better understand the consequences of economic policies, making abstract policies such as taxes or government spending more tangible. This project, with a promising new player in the Swiss research context of economic policy, involves the creation of a twelve-part video series – titled “Taxes, debt and Switzerland – simply explained” - covering a variety of topics, including inequality, pensions, federalism, democracy, taxes, government spending, etc. The videos are aimed to be highly tangible for the student, which is ensured by starting each video lesson with a focus on how the topic is impacting the student.

The video series provides an essential individual learning opportunity for students – supporting them in their recognition and understanding of economic policy interrelationships. Each five-minute video will have supporting content that includes a written summary of the topic covered and a series of exercises to ensure student understanding of the concepts introduced. The videos will be distributed through the new Swiss online learning platform Evulpo, where they will be freely available to students. Evulpo, is a young, dynamic, and fast-growing Swiss start-up that operates as a digital learning platform – offering free explanatory videos, summaries, and exercises linked to the Swiss Government’s education agenda for public schools.

Contribution to enhancing freedom

A free and solid basic education in economic policy issues is important for the preservation and development of our prosperity and society. This school-supplementary content from an independent authority guarantees, in addition to the scientific foundation, the greatest possible individual freedom in the acquisition of new knowledge and in the understanding of economic contexts.

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