Career Connect Cambodia

Grant Details

Organization: Digital Divide Data
Country: Cambodia
Funding Year: 2022
Project Duration: 3 years


Funding Areas

Private Sector Solutions ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓

The job-skills mismatch in Cambodia impedes youth from low-income backgrounds from entering formal jobs. Career Connect Cambodia will offer a solution to this challenge that will allow these youth, and their families, a path out of poverty. The Career Connect program is the continuation of a pilot which substantially scales the number of underserved youth placed in jobs in Cambodia through compact skills training and match-making with employers. 

Digital Divide Data aims to recruit and train 600 youth from underserved Cambodian communities from 2022 to 2025 with at least 80% being placed in jobs by about 10 partner-employers. Through the program, these youth will learn new skills that make them competitive in the job market, empowering them to achieve personal and economic freedom.

Contribution to Enhancing Freedom

Career Connect helps underserved youth who do not have connections succeed through their own abilities and merits. Youth get the opportunity to increase their earnings, which they can reinvest in themselves or their families to sustain their economic growth opportunities. DDD aims to sustain and expand their impact in Cambodia and help catalyze equitable economic growth to reduce global inequality. DDD sees a future where youth, with proper education and career guidance, enhance their capacity for self-determination, improving their and their communities’ quality of life. As they support themselves and their families to overcome poverty and assume control of their lives, these youth attain both economic and personal freedom.

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