Grant Details

Grantee Name: Dr Shabbir Alibha
Organization: University Health Network
Country: Canada

Project Name: TOPCOP3
Funding Year: 2022
Project period: 5 years

The TOPCOP3 trial, led by Dr Shabbir Alibhai in the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada, aims at improving the care of older patients suffering from metastatic prostate cancer and undergoing androgen receptor axis-targeted agents (ARATs) therapy.  

The ARATs is a new class of therapeutics that improves survival but causes substantial side effects, particularly in older men, reducing the quality of life, and potentially leading to the premature stopping of treatment. Current care consists of access to a nurse triage telephone line and clinic visits once every 1-3 months.  

Dr Alibhai will test the feasibility and efficacy in improving quality of life and reducing severe side effects of treatment (including hospitalization) of two different types of care, alone and in combination: remote symptom monitoring (RSM) and geriatric assessment and management (GA+M). “I am really excited to launch this trial to test two innovative supportive care strategies to improve the cancer journey for older men with advanced prostate cancer with the help of Rising Tide Foundation,” says Dr. Alibhai. 

Men who receive GA+M will get recommendations and monthly follow-ups from an oncology nurse. The nurse will also connect them to community resources if needed (e.g. physiotherapy, dietitian). Men assigned to RSM will have weekly symptom monitoring online or by telephone as well as symptom management provided by an oncology nurse, if needed. The control group will receive usual care. 168 patients, aged 70 or older, will be recruited at 2 centers in Canada.  

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