Dad Saves America: Reimagining Education

Grant Details

Organization: Emergent Order Foundation
Country: United States
Project Name: Dad Saves America: Reimagining Education


Funding Areas

Systems Change ✓
Private Sector Solutions ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom ✓

Emergent Order Foundation's newest channel "Dad Saves America" promotes the idea of educational freedom through its "reimagining education" content. The “reimagining education” pillar of the Dad Saves America brand will encourage millions of families to reimagine what education is and how best to provide it for their kids in a way that unlocks their unique genius. They are producing videos which critique the current dominant education system, shift perspectives on what it means to get an education, and offer real alternatives.   

Emergent Order Foundation will produce 20+ videos based on interviews with world class educators — with a goal of reaching 1.5 million viewers across all platforms. From these videos, they will drive visits to their webpage to learn more about alternative schooling options. To inspire practical action on the part of their viewers, they will collaborate with educational partners to co-create a website connecting partners with these alternative education models. 

Contribution to Enhancing Freedom

With Dad Saves America, Emergent Order Foundation produces content for parents and their kids that models classical virtues and actively encourages the audience to take actions so that they can live those virtues out and experience them for themselves. Their videos educate dads and all parents about the merits of self-directed education systems. Their content and future partnerships will put families in direct contact with private sector alternatives to public school. And through moving kids out of a broken system and driving demand for school choice, they hope to catalyze systemic change. In this way, their program both teaches freedom and empowers individuals. And it’s through that individual experience, inspired by storytelling, that they promote an overall culture of freedom.

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