A combined budding

Grant Details

Grantee Name: Dr Heather Dawson
Organization: Bern University Hospital
Country: Switzerland

Project Name: A combined budding/T-cell score in pT1 and stage II colorectal cancer(CRC)
Funding Year: 2018
Project period: 3 years

A combined budding / T-cell score in pT1 and stage II colorectal cancer(CRC)

Numerous immune cell types are found in CRC and have been linked to improved prognosis in CRC; especially T-cell infiltrates have been extensively examined as a protective biomarker.  This proposal aims to build on existing know-how and utilize geometric deep learning methods to create a combined tumor budding/t-cell scoring system.

The results are expected to have a direct impact on patient management and contribute to more precise treatment strategies in patient subgroups.

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