Neurocognitive & Quality of Life (QOL)

Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Dr. Torunn Yock
 Massachusetts General Hospital
Country: USA

Project Name: Neurocognitive & Quality of Life (QOL) in proton/photon pediatric brain tumor survivors
Funding Year:
Project period: 5 years

Neurocognitive & Quality of Life (QOL) in proton/photon pediatric brain tumor survivors

This retrospective study seeks to directly compare the long-term health outcomes between two pediatric brain tumor survivor cohorts treated with proton and photon radiotherapy.  This study involves a direct comparison of neurocognitive and health-related quality of life outcomes among brain tumor survivors treated with proton radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH, Boston, MA, USA) and survivors treated with photon radiation at Emory University/Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA, Atlanta, GA, USA).  While radiation is an essential component of curative treatment, it can also contribute to a variety of late adverse health effects. This research will guide future radiation treatment decisions and advocate for access to the radiation technology that maximizes the quality of survivorship in childhood brain tumor patients.

Link to the cancer survivor study

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