Improving accessibility of clinical cancer trials

Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Peter Durrer
Organization: Swiss Group For Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)

Country: Switzerland

Project Name: Improving accessibility of clinical cancer trials result to patients

Funding Year: 2019

Project period: 3 years

Improving the accessibility of clinical cancer trials results to patients

This project seeks to take the existing patient engagement program at SAKK to the next level, by including patients in the process from trial design through to dissemination of results upon completion of the trial. Indeed, within the framework of this project, with the support of the SAKK Patient Advisory Board, SAKK wants to make the results of the trials accessible to patients, their relatives, and the public. In this way, SAKK wants to make clinical cancer research transparent and accessible to everyone.

Link to the Patient Advisory Board of SAKK

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