Identifying Best Practice for Empowerment

Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Pauline Dixon
 University of Newcastle
Country: India

Project Name:
 Identifying Best Practice for Empowerment Through Entrepreneurial Freedom
Funding Year: 2019

Project period: 4 years

Identifying Best Practice for Empowerment Through Entrepreneurial Freedom

The team at the University of Newcastle will employ original research to identify private, bottom-up, collective action solutions for the provision of basic services in slums around the world that are widely ignored by governments and large aid agencies. In particular, the team will research the service provision activities of Delhi slum inhabitants related to health, education, water, waste management, and transportation. They will use innovative methods to disseminate results to the community, national and international audiences to influence policies and provide those delivering services with examples of best practices for community development. 

Blog: Empower - Identifying best practice for empowerment through entrepreneurial freedom: A project for the marginalized in informal settlements in Delhi, India

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