Career Pathway Grant in Symptom Management

Grant Details

Applicant Name: Nancy Daly
Organization: Conquer Cancer
Country: US/Europe

Project Name: Career Pathway Grant in Symptom Management

Currently, clinical studies within the symptom management focus area are faced with two challenges: a lack of young researchers and not enough high-quality clinical trials that address disease and treatment burden. Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) have partnered to establish the Conquer Cancer – Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research Career Pathway Grants in Symptom Management.

The goal of this program is to recruit and retain individuals committed to conducting symptom management research. This unique grant program supports young physician-scientists at a critical time in their academic careers – during their transition from training to principal investigators, and as they begin setting up labs of their own. Using a two-pronged approach, researchers will receive funding to conduct high-quality research in line with career progression requirements to keep them in the field, and also to a mentor to ensure that rigorous and compelling data is generated in line with requirements for clinical trials.

The support of preliminary data collection will enable the investigators to apply for future funding in topics with significant patient benefit. Through this grant program, these individuals will become leaders in academic research and inspire future generations of physician-scientists.

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