Expansion of a proven model

Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Zhihan Lee
 BagoSphere Impact Limited
Country: Philippines

Project Name: Expansion of a proven model of skills training for employment

Funding Year: 2018

Project period: 3 years

Expansion of a proven model of skills training for employment

Jobs are being disrupted by technology at an unprecedented pace. While routine and structured work decline (such as administrative or manufacturing jobs), complex jobs that require social and complex problem-solving skills increase. Traditional education is no longer keeping up with the pace of change in the workplace. Bagosphere is a provider of short-term, career-focused educational programs for disadvantaged youth to go from poverty to transformational careers. By deconstructing what employers need, Bagosphere runs immersive, experiential training programs and connects students directly with employers. The unique teaching method combines communication, mindsets & socio-emotional skills, preparing them for employment in the thriving Business Process Outsourcing Industry (e.g. Call Centers) in the Philippines. With the training model, they have achieved a 95% employment rate in 2017 and their students were able to increase their income by 200—300% if previously not formally employed and by 20-50% if previously employed. RTF is supporting the replication of the model in two new geographical locations in the Philippines aiming to reach 1000 students over the three years of project duration.

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