Girls Education Project

Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Catharina Baltus
 Verein Room to Read
Country: South East Asia

Project Name:
 Girls Edcuation Project Laos & Vietnam
Funding Year: 2019

Project period: 2 years

Girls Education Project Laos & Vietnam

Room to Read believes world change starts with educated children and education contributes to solving the world’s biggest problems — poverty, conflict, disease, intolerance, inequality, and exploitation. However, quality education remains out of reach for millions of children around the world. Girls in particular are often disadvantaged when it comes to education.

With its long term holistic approach that goes beyond academics, Room to Read’s Girls Education Program ensures that girls complete secondary school and develop the skills to negotiate key life decisions. It offers girls life skills training, female mentoring, and needs-based material support, while also increasing advocacy for girls' education among their parents, school staff, and communities. Essential to the program are social mobilizers (local women who are hired as mentors) who work with girls and their families to ensure that girls stay in school, participate in life skills activities, and navigate the challenges of adolescence with the ability to make their own life choices, both personally and professionally.

Rising Tide is supporting Room to Read's Girls Education Program in Vietnam and Laos and has supported 535 girls to participate in the program.

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