Grant Details

Grantee Name:
 Annina Menzi
 Verein Futurepreneurship
Country: Switzerland

Project Name:
Funding Year: 2019

Project period: 2 years


Young Swiss professionals have increasingly the wish to be independent by starting an entrepreneurial venture and at the same time to have a positive impact in society through their professional work. The Swiss education landscape, however, offers only very limited opportunities for young professionals to gain first-hand experience in entrepreneurship and hence experience what it entails to be an entrepreneur. Most youths end up accepting employment with large corporations instead.

At the same time, there is a broad range of young and innovative companies in Switzerland with a business model targeting a positive impact in society, but lacking access to talented and skilled Millenials, due mainly to lack of time and experience in the hiring process.

Futurepreneurship supports young career starters (especially young women) through a training and internship program in their entrepreneurial career paths. Talented students experience the innovation sector through an internship of several months. An academy guides them through their work experience and enables them to acquire the necessary skill set for this work environment. The overall goal of Futurepreneurship is to transmit an innovative, entrepreneurial, and agile way of thinking to the participating students. To date, over 150 startups have participated and more than 200 jobs have been created. 85% of the interns stay either employed in the startup they worked for, in one of the participating organizations, or elsewhere in the innovation scene. 

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