Photo: Lithuanian Free Market Foundation


Grant Details

Organization: Lithuanian Free Market Institute
Country: Lithuania
Project Name: #FreedomTalks


Funding Areas

Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom ✓

The Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI) boasts an impressive record of implementing projects and programs within the Lithuanian context and beyond. They aim to achieve similar success with their new #FreedomTalks initiative. This initiative will engage vulnerable mid to late teenage populations from Lithuania’s ethnic minority and disadvantaged communities in cutting-edge multimedia economic and civic learning, as well as live youth debates designed to instill in the rising generation a belief in freedom and the creative human capacity necessary to develop into active moral agents. This program will build upon LFMI’s international award-winning textbook Economics in 31 Hours and interdisciplinary course A Citizen in 31 Hours.


Contribution to enhancing freedom

The #FreedomTalks initiative recognizes that free moral agents, acting on behalf of themselves and their communities, are a necessary condition for prosperity and human flourishing. Through empowering local communities, amplifying voices of those who are often marginalized, #FreedomTalks inspires the rising generation to take responsibility for their own lives.

Over the course of the project, LFMI hopes to influence 1200+ mid to late teenagers from ethnic minority and disadvantaged communities and initiate 30+ #FreedomTalks chapters that run independently. As a part of the project, they will impact many more through live online quizzes, social media campaigns, and their online multimedia platform.

The #FreedomTalks initiative is exercising a promising approach to mindset change in disadvantaged communities that will help individuals move from seeing themselves as passive recipients to active participants.

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