Scholarship Program

Grant Details

Organization: Fundacion Educacion
Country: Latin America
Funding Year: 2020
Project Duration: 4 years


Funding Areas

Private Sector Solutions ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓

High-quality tertiary education provided by private institutions is nearly inaccessible to the vast majority of the population in Latin America. This erects a barrier to disadvantaged youth in Latin

America that proves hard to overcome. Fundacion Educacion, through providing scholarships to young and promising students from low-income families, seeks to unlock the potential of select disadvantaged Latin American youth, cultivating new perspectives that serve as a catalyst for job creation, increase in innovation, and greater economic growth. Students that receive support from Fundacion Educacion sign a so-called “Compromiso de Honor” through which they commit to voluntarily repay their bursary so that new students can be supported. Rising Tide will finance the tertiary education of 15-20 students over the next three years.

Contribution to enhancing freedom

Access to quality education is foundational for advancing freedom and prosperity. Through this scholarship program, Fundacion Educacion is equipping high-capacity underprivileged youth with the resources they need to realize their potential in the marketplace. As they only partner with local universities and technical schools that are firmly steeped in principles of entrepreneurship, the free market economy, and democracy, scholarship recipients will be inculcated with classical liberal values throughout their tertiary education.

As students complete their education, Fundacion Educacion expects 95% of their scholarship recipients to find well-paid employment with a 98% graduation rate. These students will contribute to the prosperity of their own families as well as their countries' economic and social progress.

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