Connecting disadvantaged talents from North Africa with the European IT-industry

Grant Details

Organization: Powercoders
Country: Switzerland
Project Name: Connecting disadvantaged talents from North Africa with the European IT-industry


Funding Areas

Private Sector Solutions ✓
System Change ✓
Empowerment of Individuals ✓
Teaching Freedom ✓

Powercoders offers intensive coding courses to refugees and local youth to empower them to secure IT jobs. Our mission solves two market problems: unemployment among talented refugees/local youth and the shortage of IT talent in the economy. These market-oriented problems follow the logic of supply and demand - there is a supply of talented refugees and a demand for talented coders. Powercoders therefore brings these two challenges together and offers a win-win solution for both refugees and the economy. We are convinced that the European migration problem must be addressed with a more holistic and market-oriented approach. Therefore, we aim to set up - together with local partners - coding hubs in the MENA region. In these hubs we train local talent and connect them with remote job opportunities in Europe. We are striving to reach self-sustainability through a paying forward model and/or a social impact bond.


Contribution to enhancing freedom

Firstly, the European governments have proven during the last years that they are unable to solve the European refugee crisis. In our view mainly because they try to do this with territorial instruments like blocking borders. Secondly, this program is built to give our students the tools and skills needed to meet market demands. We do that throughout the course by teaching business and social skills. Our program heavily focuses on independence and self-accountability,

where they must work hard and prove themselves in the industry. Thirdly, during our training we focus on “Teaching Freedom”. We have weekly Wednesday morning sessions for business and social skills that are focused on building skills and a mindset of being responsible for one's own success rather than constantly relying on help from others.

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