The WISDOM Study (Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of Risk)

Grant Details

Grantee Name: Dr. Maria Bell
Organization: Sanford Research
Country: United States

Project Name: The WISDOM Study (Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of Risk)
Funding Year: 2021
Project period: 3 years

WISDOM is the first prospective, randomized large-scale evaluation of an alternative approach to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ mammographic screening introduced in the 1980s.

The present study compares annual screening with a risk-based approach that uses a comprehensive evaluation of each woman’s individual risk for breast cancer to develop a risk-based, personalized breast cancer screening recommendation. The goal of risk-based screening is to improve the chance of preventing breast cancer in those at risk and to reduce rates of false-positive recalls, over diagnosis and over treatment, which are significant causes of morbidity in the current annual screening approach.

The results of this study could transcend the current screening controversy and support a transition of personalized medicine screening and prevention approach. For patients, personalized care should lead to better health outcomes due to fewer indolent tumors being detected, fewer unnecessary biopsies, and less anxiety for women. We also believe this program will improve access to, and use of, preventive therapy for women at high risk, thereby modifying the incidence and progression of disease.

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