Greater freedom and prosperity

We are interested in projects that go beyond theory, make a tangible change in the lives of real people, and promote greater freedom and prosperity.

Mara Predator Conservation Programme


What is the average dollar amount of grants that are funded? And what percent of an overall project budget will RTF fund?

Our project funding amounts are assessed based on the project’s needs. We do not provide maximum or average award amounts as they tend to vary from project to project.

Yes. We fund projects of varying lengths. Currently, we are funding projects as short as one year and as long as five years. That said, we do expect that projects begin to generate a tangible impact within three years of the project start.

What are the main impact indicators you look for in the projects you would like to fund?

We look specifically for indicators that measure to what extent the project has contributed to enhancing freedom. We are aware that this is a challenging task but believe in the innovative spirit of our grantees to find such measurements. Each project has to define its own measurements that are relevant for the impacts they are thriving to achieve. Projects should have the potential to create an impact within 3 years or less and solutions should offer exponential, sustainable and, if possible, scalable impact. After the grant term is complete, Rising Tide Foundation requires periodic (1-5 years) survey responses to gauge the long-term impact of its investment.

Can sustainability be seen in other ways besides just revenue?

Yes, sustainability can be demonstrated in other ways besides revenue generation through the project. One way that this might be possible is demonstrating a strong ability to secure long-term funding for a project outside of the commitment from RTF or simply develop methods that the impact of the project will be sustained in the long-term. We have also seen organizations develop sustainability through franchising models. We are sure there are additional ways of demonstrating sustainability that we have not seen nor thought of.

What does RTF consider as overhead costs? What percent of a grant can be allocated to overhead costs?

RTF considers non-project-related, general organizational cost as overheads. We do fund overhead costs that are directly related to the project.

Does a current grant need to finish before an organization is able to apply for another, perhaps unrelated, grant?

It is not an RTF requirement that current projects be fully complete before applying for a new grant. We are willing to entertain new grants from organizations that are currently receiving funding for a separate project. That said, we prefer that organizations wait to submit a new grant until the current grant is approaching its end.

We accept LOIs year-round. There are no hard dates for when LOIs must be submitted. Our Board of Directors meets three times per year at which those LOIs accepted for full proposals are considered for funding.

How long does it take for an LOI to move through the foundations review and approval process?

We accept LOIs throughout the year and full proposals are taken to the RTF Board of Directors three times per year for approval. The standard LOI, that is accepted for funding, takes on average between 3-6 months to process. In rare circumstances, grants are processed more quickly or more slowly than this.

Does RTF have a geographical preference in grants we fund?

No, RTF does not have a geographical focus. We recognize that good ideas that advance freedom and prosperity around the globe can occur at any time in any place and we are open to entertaining these proposals no matter where they come from.

Does RTF have a desire to pursue unrestricted funding for organizations?

We do not provide unrestricted funding to organizations and do not have plans to do so in the future. We believe strongly in project-based funding with well-defined output, outcome, and impact indicators.

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