GENEVA UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS: Multi-peptide vaccine for glioblastoma


Year of Grant: 2012

Location: Switzerland


Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most prevalent and most aggressive form of cancers of the brain and nervous systems. Despite advances in standard therapy, glioma invariably recurs and patient prognosis remains dismal with survival rate of one year at 30% and 5 year survival rate at only 3%.


This study aims to test the immunogenicity and safety of a peptide cancer vaccine for GBM patients. This vaccine incorporates multiple targets directly isolated from the surface of tumor cells, which increases the probability to illicit an immune response to attack the cancer cells. The combination of the ten different peptides is intended to optimize the antitumor effect while minimizing potential side effects to offer clinical efficacy and preserve patients' quality of life. 


The multipeptide vaccine will additionally be tested in combination with the most promising vaccine adjuvant, poly-ICLC, which has been shown to be safe in enhancing the efficacy of tumor vaccination in GBM patients. 


If successful, the trial could potentially improve the progression free survival of these patients and provide the scientific background for integrating vaccines in the standard treatment of patients with brain tumors.