Our approach to funding emphasizes a collaborative partnership, innovativeness, and a willingness to improve and achieve the best results. 

We are focused on funding time-limited projects. Preference will be given to projects with the highest probability for sustainable, transformative results on the individual level and/or society level. As potential breakthrough ideas can occur every day, we accept letters of intent from highly qualified and dedicated institutions all year round. Additionally, we actively partner with like-minded organizations to tackle and accelerate large, critical topics together. 


We employ a rigorous peer-review process whereby each full grant application is reviewed by at least two highly qualified experts. 

All grant reviewers follow a standard set of evaluation criteria to ensure that projects with the highest impact and feasibility can be recommended to the Foundation Board of Directors for funding approval. Each project is assessed based on the strength of the particular evaluation criterion in the context of the work proposed. Only projects of the highest quality and probability to create an impact and aligned with the objectives of our three main funding programs are approved for funding.


There are certain causes or financial needs, which our Foundation will not cover. Some examples include but are not limited to direct donations or grants to individuals, capital investments for infrastructure, and basic cancer research. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further information. 

Foundation staff perform a preliminary review of the letter of intent to determine general alignment our mission, assess credibility of applicant organization and the project feasibility.

Promising proposals are invited to submit a full application; the application template can be downloaded on the relevant program page.

All applications are evaluated by the specific program's Grant Review Committee. As necessary, additional information will be sought from the applicant via email, telephone call or interview.

An average score is arrived and projects that received a fundable score are presented to the Foundation Board at Board meetings for funding approval. Board meetings are held three times per year.


The overall impact for a funded project is its likelihood to have a sustained, powerful influence on the field involved.

While each of our grant program has its specific focus, we operate with a firm belief that maximum impact on a transformative scale is achieved through collaborative, innovative funding models.


The approval of funds is based on the applicant's assertion to comply with agreed upon milestones and alignment with other filters, including potential synergies with other grantees. As we may not provide 100% of the support required for any given project, to better encourage organizations in developing a broader base of support for their proposed projects or initiatives, we could, in our capacities, make, challenge or match grants as deemed appropriate. All approvals and decisions will be communicated to the grantee in writing.