Year of Grant: 2015

Location: United States


Founded in 1961, the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University (IHS) is a premier organization in the free market/libertarian educational space for over 30 years. IHS has built a network of over 11,000 professors, offering educational and career programs, seminars for university students, award scholarships, collection of online videos, and a networking website for classical liberal academics


The aim of this project is to introduce the ideas of free markets and libertarian thinking to college students who are not normally exposed to it. Over a period of three years, from 2015 - 2017, IHS intends to reach an estimated 40,000 college students by hosting or co-hosting over 500 campus events and/or intensive educational events across the United States. This is critical for college students, campus diversity and the libertarian free market movement as libertarian ideas are not commonly promoted at universities.

INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES AT GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY: Changing Campuses, Changing Minds, Changing Culture