Empowerment and the development of individual skills and lifelong learning are the most effective agents of change to bring about a progressive society. 

We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot and should have the freedom to lead a decent, fulfilling, and secure life that is supported by the basic foundations of economic security and educational opportunity.


Our funding program is focused on leadership development, capacity building, and training across a range of issue areas to promote sustained livelihoods and marketable skills for a responsible, progressive society. We support organizations to educate and promote libertarianism, so that individuals can benefit from its core principles to take charge of their lives and transform for the better. We also fund projects that directly apply libertarian principles, which may include advancement of entrepreneurship, innovation, or projects aligned with our libertarian core values.


We want to help and empower individuals to maximize their potential in life. 

We believe that individual liberty is the organizing principle of society. While many individuals are eager to progress economically and socially, they are hindered not due to a lack of talent but rather due to a lack of resources or opportunities. To ensure sustainability in economic growth, it is important to ensure that those willing and ready to take on responsibility are given the tools to solve their own problems and become a contributing member to society.