When Rising Tide GmbH was established in early 2007, it was primarily focused on the development, licensing and management of a healthcare-focused intellectual property portfolio. In parallel, Rising Tide also established an investment advisory service that served the needs of external clients, as well as the Foundation later on. The operation grew and Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research and Rising Tide Foundation were established in 2010 to advance cancer research and foster libertarian principles with an aim to spur self-determination and support individuals to achieve economic success.  In later years, Rising Tide expanded and incorporated a subsidiary in Singapore, Rising Tide Asia, to begin building long-term relationships in the Asia Pacific region for both commercial and charitable purposes.


Each of these organizations addressed a specific need in their respective market.  While each is unique, the overarching mission is that our group’s philanthropic and commercial interests are collectively focused on bridging impactful health changes and empowering individuals to create and lead a decent, fulfilling and secure life that is supported by the basic foundations of economic security and education opportunity.


Rising Tide proudly served its largest client, Cancer Treatment Centers of America for 10 years.  CTCA has developed unique and powerful intellectual property assets centered on the Mother Standard Model of Care©.  Rising Tide protected those assets and consistently delivered at each of our client’s locations.   Since its founding, Rising Tide has been the proud custodian of the IP that protects the Mother Standard Model of Care©.  Additionally, the Rising Tide IP department was instrumental in building awareness of and education on the importance of the IP.


The Rising Tide IP department also carried out surveillance and protection of the CTCA brand. Rising Tide was able to help CTCA refine their standards of care and business process to stay at the forefront of patient care. Through IP summits and subsequent work the Rising Tide team developed a “culture of innovation” into the core of CTCA. 


Rising Tide was always aligned to the strategy of CTCA and in 2013 developed the first clinical incentive program to encourage clinicians to undertake important research, publish their work and attend congresses to speak about this work, all of which enhanced the reputation of CTCA and increased the value of the brand.


The undeniable success of the Rising Tide Foundation has a lot to do with the vast range of knowledge and experience in business, law, government, technology, health care, and non-profit management of Rising Tide’s talent. The strategic vision for the Foundation's grant making, geographic focus, spending, investment, management, governance and professional standards makes the Rising Tide Foundation a world class organization. 


The Foundation is a member of the Swiss Foundations, which is an association of carefully selected members.  Its inclusion in this organization reflects its capacity to fulfill the member’s criteria to create impact, have well-defined good governance and transparent procedures.  


Going forward, the philanthropic mission is the main focus of Rising Tide and will continue building on the success, assets and expertise of the past years of all Rising Tide’s organizations and team.