Patient Arts for Health - Global Exhibition Participation Form Step 1

• A written narrative must be included with your art submission. Submissions without narratives will not be accepted (200 words).

• Create an original narrative that:
- Best describes the cancer experience depicted in your artwork
- Is no longer than 200 words. Narratives longer than 200 words will be edited
- Is typed in English
- Includes the title of your artwork

• Technical formats:
For Artwork / Photography: Please use the format JPG, TIF or EPS with the resolution of 300dpi
Picture Size starting with a 1000px width

Here are some helpful tips for photographing your artwork:
- Use proper lighting
- Stabilize your camera
- Place your artwork on a level surface
- Ensure your artwork is not in a glass frame
- Turn off your camera's flash
- Use a white background

For Video: Upload your video in the format mp4. max. file size 100MB. 

For Poetry: Upload the poem in following format: word or pdf (include a translation to English if required) If you plan to submit a visual representation of your poem please use the format description above.

Art Exhibition Terms and Conditions
Please read our Terms and Conditions for participating on the exhibition.

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