Patient Arts for Health - Global Exhibition Participation Form Step 1

• A written narrative must be included with your art submission. Submissions without narratives will not be accepted (200 words).

• Create an original narrative that:
- Best describes the cancer experience depicted in your artwork
- Is no longer than 200 words. Narratives longer than 200 words will be edited
- Is typed in English
- Includes the title of your artwork

• Technical formats:
For Artwork / Photography: Please use the format JPG, TIF or EPS with the resolution of 300dpi
Picture Size starting with a 1000px width

Here are some helpful tips for photographing your artwork:
- Use proper lighting
- Stabilize your camera
- Place your artwork on a level surface
- Ensure your artwork is not in a glass frame
- Turn off your camera's flash
- Use a white background

For Video: Upload your video in the format mp4. max. file size 100MB. 

For Poetry: Upload the poem in following format: word or pdf (include a translation to English if required) If you plan to submit a visual representation of your poem please use the format description above.

Art Exhibition Terms and Conditions
Please read our Terms and Conditions for participating on the exhibition.

The Exhibition is now live! 

Patient Arts for Health Global Exhibition

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